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Change the Way You Train

Olympus Sports Academy is an athletic training organization that enhances the way our students and athletes perform. We are dedicated to perfecting each of our athlete's performance, with a current focus on basketball through rigorous skills and performance training.


We're proud to say that we have a complete staff of experienced, passionate, and highly skilled performance and sports-specific trainers that have worked with a variety of athletes at every level. Our trainers have devoted their time to helping our students and athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals while building exceptional character.


Whether it's training middle school athletes to develop their skillsets and knowledge of their sport, training high school athletes to help them matriculate to a higher education institution that fits their academic, athletic and social needs, training collegiate athletes to help them be impactful players, or training professional athletes to help them sustain success in their careers, Olympus Sports emphasizes a culture that changes the way our athletes train while sharpening their skills, building their strength, and perfecting their performance. 


Join the program and change the way you train!