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Job Description

This position is a basketball operations internship for our Olympus Prep School Academy. 30+ graduating seniors, in addition to undergraduates, will be enrolled in this program and you will help assist on the administration side of the Prep School. You will work closely with the Basketball Operations Director and COO of Olympus Sports, gaining valuable knowledge and contacts within the basketball world.

Responsibilities for the position include but are not limited to the following:

• Works closely with the President and CEO of Olympus Sports and provides them administrative support on various projects, camps, and AAU programs

• Helps formulate ideas for the company’s short and long term growth

• Responsible for developing program manuals and handbooks

• Serves as the first point of contact for all administrative issues

• Plans and organizes staff meetings and records meeting notes

• Maintains the accountability and productivity of staff and interns

• Works as the main liaison between coaches and parents – main parent contact

• Creates game schedules for each team and distributes them when needed

• Creates and distributes all team rosters

• Stores and distributes all game film

• Generates and updates all necessary program databases

• Prepares and sends out itineraries for all visitors (i.e. parents, college coaches, recruits, recruiting services)

• Collects and files away weekly forecasts for practices, skills training and performance training every Sunday

• Creates marketing materials for Olympus programs (i.e. brochures, flyers)

• Updates Olympus Sports websites and social media accounts

• Interacts with colleges coaches on behalf of our clients recruiting processes

• Assists in recruiting prospective clients for the following year

• Maintains recruiting processes for the following year (Trello)

• Sends out and collects all related recruiting documents to prospective clients

• Reports To: Basketball Operations Director & COO of Olympus Sports (This is a full-time position)

Any questions or concerns please contact Brandon Schiesser. brandon@olympussports.org